News from Paddington, 2015-08-07

@mildbyte (RSS) on Aug. 7, 2015 (8 years, 1 month ago)

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By popular request, more news from Paddington!

  • The gods of M&S on Edgware Road now have definitely decreed that I look over 25. Every time a member of staff taps "Customer does not require ID", I die inside a little.
  • Chicken Cottage on Praed Street is really good!
  • Flying ants everywhere!
  • Need to start a high-end car diary. So far this week, I've seen a McLaren, two Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Ford GT, dozens of Porsche and countless Bentley.
  • "Sorry mate, I don't do coppers" -- some beggar
  • "Rail replacement service. Out of service" -- some bus

This edition was sponsored by Chicken Cottage on Praed Street. "Chicken Cottage on Praed Street! It's really good!"


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