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Kimonote API
@kimonote (link) 5 years, 10 months ago | kimonote | announcements | api | 1 comment
Kimonote now has a basic REST API with a couple of endpoints that allow you to get a JSON version of any stream as well as programmatically create, update, read and delete notes. More information in the User Guide!
Kimonote now supports bookmarklets!
@kimonote 5 years, 10 months ago | kimonote | announcements | bookmarklets |
Kimonote now supports bookmarklets: tiny snippets of code that allow you to quickly create a new note/bookmark without leaving the website you're on. For example, this bookmarklet will show the Kimonote note creation view, prepopulated with the currently selected text ...
Kimonote: Comments and changes to RSS importers
@kimonote 5 years, 10 months ago | kimonote | announcements | comments |
Kimonote now supports optional comments on public notes. Comments can be edited by their creator and deleted by their creator or the note owner. In addition, notes imported via RSS are now uneditable: this is to allow the imported note ...
Kimonote: RSS importers
@kimonote 5 years, 10 months ago | kimonote | announcements | rss |
Kimonote now supports RSS importers: you can set it up to poll RSS feeds and add new entries from them into your personal notes. In conjunction with the e-mail exporter function, this allows you to build newsletters that deliver information ...
Kimonote: announcing stream exporters + small changelog
@kimonote 5 years, 11 months ago | kimonote | announcements | streams | exporters |
Kimonote now supports stream subscriptions, or exporters. You can configure Kimonote to send you a weekly/daily/hourly/5-minutely digest of new notes in a given stream. There's a small guide on how to use them, available here. In addition, there are some ...
Kimonote User Guide
@kimonote 5 years, 11 months ago | kimonote | guide |
Introduction Kimonote is a text-first minimalist blogging platform and note organizer that focuses on ease of navigation and control over content that a user follows. This is a rough outline of Kimonote features and how to use them. If you ...
Kimonote public beta
@kimonote 5 years, 11 months ago | kimonote | announcements | beta |
Kimonote is now open for a public beta test. Feel free to try it and as always, feedback is welcome at!
RSS now works on Kimonote!
@kimonote 6 years ago | kimonote | announcements | rss |
RSS is now available on all temporary Kimonote streams! For example, is for all Kimonote posts and is just for announcements. As always, feel free to follow Kimonote on Twitter, or now, in your favourite RSS reader!
Kimonote demos are now live!
@kimonote 6 years ago | kimonote | announcements | demo |
We now have a quick demo available at No registration or email required — just click on the button to get a temporary account!
Kimonote: first post!
@kimonote 6 years ago | admin | kimonote | announcements |
This shall be the official Kimonote staff account where development news and announcements will be shared. As of right now, since nothing links to it, there's very little chance it will get indexed at all...

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