Organize your private notes and bookmarks

At its basic, Kimonote is a note and link organizer and processor. You can even use bookmarklets to save a snippet of text as you browse. Too lazy to tag your text? Kimonote can analyze it and do it for you.

Public blogging and linkblogging

With a crisp, minimalist design and Markdown support, Kimonote can also be used to maintain a public blog or as a way to share and comment on content around the Web that you find interesting.

Consume news at your own pace

Kimonote allows you to import notes from RSS as well as send them to your e-mail address. This means that yout can create any number of custom newsletters with any combination of tags and sources and get them delivered to your inbox hourly, daily or weekly.

What if tags didn't suck?

Ever wished you could follow just some of user's content? Or perhaps search for something in notes only with a given tag? How about an easier way to read through a series with the same tag? It's all possible.

Access data how you want it

RSS feed? RSS feed of notes tagged 'travel' or 'food'? JSON feed? A REST API? We have it all.

10KB should be enough for everybody

With an empty page size of 10KB, you can be sure that you and your visitors get to load only your content – not someone else's JavaScript. Perfect for people on mobile networks. Or any networks.

Ever wished you had several news feeds? Now you can. Try Kimonote today!
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